Pittsburgh: Part One

Happy Sunday! I just got back from an awesome weekend with my sister in Pittsburgh, and I can’t wait to share all we ate did with you!

I knew it’d be a pretty long trip (Google Maps said 5 hours and 1 minute), so I wanted to pack some yummy road trip snacks to tide me over on the way there…


Morning snack: Half of a honeycrisp apple

Lunch: Delicious salad (enjoyed while I stopped for gas!) — Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, celery, onions, pickles, deli turkey + balsamic vinaigrette on the side

Afternoon snacks: Baby carrots + trail mix (almonds, peanuts, cashews, raisins)

I left around 10 and started heading west only to find major delays (traffic was backed up 70+ minutes!). The further I traveled down 95, the more warning signs I saw urging drivers to find alternate routes…the only issue was I didn’t really know what alternate route to take. Luckily, there was a sign directing us through a detour which lead us to…another accident. This whole debacle added about 45 minutes to the trip, but once I got out of Maryland, it was pretty smooth sailing!

The trip went by pretty quickly, thanks to hitting “shuffle” on my iPod and jamming to some high school music circa 2004 as well as a fair amount of the Wicked soundtrack. (I’m convinced I sound like Kristen Chenoweth when I belt out “Popular” in my car… #noshame)

I finally arrived in Pittsburgh around 3:45 and got to see Kate’s apartment! She lives on the 17th floor of her building and look at this view…


After chatting and hanging out for a bit, we got dressed and met up with her boyfriend to head to dinner. Unfortunately, I must have been bad luck because we encountered another accident on the way to dinner, so it was almost 7 p.m. until we got to the restaurant only to find a 45-60 minute wait. Fail.

Fortunately, the restaurant was close to Market District, a large grocery store Kate wanted to take me to. I figured it was a lot like a large Wegman’s, but when we arrived, I was in love.

They grew their own herbs, had rows and rows of bulk spices, oats, pastas, nuts, trail mixes, candies, a bar to make your own stirfry from fresh cut veggies… and you could make your own nut butter. I could barely contain myself.


Unfortunately, I don’t have a good picture, but we made our own cashew butter (my favorite!). The cashew butter was only $7.99/lb., which is one of the better prices I’ve seen. I’m surprised (but pleased) to tell you that some of it actually made its way back to Delaware…

After being in foodie heaven at the Market District, we headed back to to wait for dinner. Known for their burgers (obviously) and shakes, Burgatory prides themselves on using local, organic, and all-natural ingredients…and the food shows it! We started off our meal by sharing a salted carmel pretzel milkshake, and it was heavenly. (We split it after this picture!)


For my meal, I chose the “Phat Patti’s Veggie” which was their lentil, cracked wheat, cashews, and cremini mushroom veggie burger topped with gouda, tomato, arugula, and the most amazing avocado wasabi on a whole wheat bun. The sweet potato & russet chips on the side were served warm and absolutely delicious. This was food coma #1 of the weekend…

At the end of the meal, they gave us each fortune cookies…


After our late dinner, we somehow rolled ourselves back to the city for the evening! We spent the night with Kate’s boyfriend and friends watching the NCAA tournament and hanging out. By midnight, we were ready to crash and headed back to her place for the night!

Definitely an awesome weekend…stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 later this week!


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh: Part One

  1. Pittsburgh is such a great city, I applied to jobs there because I love it so much. Wow at all the bad luck you encountered on the way there! That would make me nuts, especially on a route I’d never really taken before. Burgatory….I like that name haha.. clever :)

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