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An indulgent weekend after an 18-miler!

Not sure what the weather is where you are today, but the weather here in Delaware is absolutely beautiful! I hope it’s the same for you.

As promised, I wanted to do a quick recap of my 18 mile training run that I took on Thursday afternoon.

After work, I headed out to one of my favorite local running spots. There is a huge hill but once you get to the top, there’s a 1.1 mile loop that’s absolutely beautiful and a nice, flat place to run. I did a few laps before running back down to my car at mile 9 to grab my gels and some water.

Although I was pretty tempted to run back up and finish my run up there, I knew I needed to get in some hill work, so I ran through some new neighborhoods that were pretty much all hills. My splits definitely showed it (I went from averaging 8:08 in the first half of my run to about 9:00 after), but I felt pretty good and much more confident about running Pittsburgh with all of its hills in just a few weeks!

It was almost 7 p.m. until I finished up (so glad it stays daylight later!), so I took a quick shower, forced myself to eat, and then pretty much didn’t move all night, haha.

As per usual, I was starving all day yesterday. I planned on sleeping in until 7 or so since I was taking a rest day, but woke up at 6:30 and immediately wanted breakfast. That hungry feeling pretty much lasted all day long…

After I got home from work and posted my recipe for a Chicken & Bean Crockpot Chili, I got ready and headed out for a mini-date night with Andy! We had a gift card for TGI Friday’s leftover from our wedding and headed there for a Friday night meal. We’ve had a busy week so it was great to catch up over dinner.

Unfortunately, the lighting was really bad so I don’t have any photos, but I ordered the Sedona Black Bean Burger with avocado and sweet potato fries on the side. It was amazing and worth every bite!

After dinner, we had the chance to go to my friend Courtney’s and meet the sweetest new addition to their family! (Remember her baby shower a few weeks ago?) Their little lovebug was absolutely adorable, and I was so glad we were able to hang out with them.

This morning, I woke up nice and early to get a few miles in before meeting my running group. The weather was amazing, and I got in about 6.5 miles before heading to my friend Julie’s for this delicious brunch …

Yes, we had Texas-shaped waffles! Julie’s from Texas and I was excited to try out her creation :) She cooked them with chopped pecans instead and I topped mine with strawberries, a few more pecans, and some maple syrup with my honey peanut butter on the side. So good!

Now, I’m planning out some menus for the rest of the week and am hoping to get to the grocery store before getting ready and heading to church for the weekend. So excited to experience our first Easter at my church’s new campus!



5 thoughts on “An indulgent weekend after an 18-miler!

  1. First of all, I LOVE the waffle! That is too adorable! Secondly, I was wondering what your opinion is of Garmin. I have a Nike+ right now and it is really a let down as far as tracking my distance/miles accurately. Is Garmin pretty accurate for that?

    • I’ve found my Garmin to be really accurate. I got the most basic version (Forerunner), so it doesn’t show you your pace while you’re running; you only get your splits at the end of each mile. That is one feature I wish I had, but I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it to begin with so I didn’t want to drop money on a super nice one if I wasn’t committed to use it all the time.

      However, as far as distance & GPS, it’s been great! It’s thin, which I also really like. I’d recommend it!

      • Awesome, thanks so much for the recommendation and your thoughts on it. I’ve heard similar things about Garmin and specifically the Forerunner. So I think that will be the one that I will go with too!

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