What I Ate Wednesday

WIAW: Meals on the go

So, I’m doing my post much later than usual, but this week has just been crazy busy!

No worries, I captured my meals from Monday and I’m here to share some of my amazingly delicious eats, including these that I can’t stop drooling over. (I ate my last one for lunch today — cue the tears.)

Let’s get to it!

Monday started out with a six mile treadmill run. Starting at mile 3, all I could think about was an iced coffee, so you better believe I went straight to Dunkin’ after the gym and treated myself! I enjoyed my iced coffee alongside some honey almond flax pancakes I had leftover from the weekend.


I normally go with fruit for my mid-morning snack, but after inhaling all that iced coffee liquid, I wasn’t in the mood for anything liquid-y and my morning snack was an orange. Therefore, I went for my baby carrots instead!

Lunch was a bit rushed since I was heading into a meeting, but delicious nonetheless.

I enjoyed this veggie burger on a slice of whole wheat bread and my orange on the side. Amazing! I can’t say enough about these burgers and this homemade chipotle dressing.

I quickly ate a snack around 4 p.m. which included 3 oz. black cherry CHO + 3 oz. plain CHO topped with raw oats, almonds, and puffed wheat. (This is a recycled photo, but you get the idea!)

Around 5 p.m. I headed back to the University of Delaware where I had been invited to speak at the PRSSA-UD meeting on preparing for a career in public relations! So honored to speak to such a great group of students (and so nostalgic about being back on campus again)!

Speaking to students after the meeting

With my favorite college professor and mentor!


Following my meeting, I was starving but heading right to our small group at 7:30. It was Chipotle for the win!

I got a salad topped with brown rice, peppers, pico, chicken, and a little bit of cheese. I’m pretty sure this is my all-time favorite meal.

Since it was our last small group of the semester, we had a mini-party! I enjoyed a little spinach dip + half of an amazing peanut butter brownie that my husband made! (He’s been quite the baker this week…first cookies and now brownies.) No photos, but they were both delish!

I headed home, made lunch for the next day, and then enjoyed a bowl of cereal with skim milk before bed. (In the mix: Post Great Grains + Puffed Wheat)


8 thoughts on “WIAW: Meals on the go

  1. Those almond flax pancakes look great! Are they freezer friendly or do they just stay fresh in the fridge after you make them?

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