A post about something other than running

I know you’re skeptical — you’re going to talk about something other than running?! I didn’t think it was possible until my marathon training was over, but it seems like miracles do happen! (Check back tomorrow for a true miracle…healthy, wholesome, no-rise pizza dough!)

Welcome to a post about something other than running.

Remember when I used to post great strength and HIIT workouts? It seems like many ions ago, BUT with my marathon training coming to a close, I’m excited to get back to creating fun new workouts!

I wasn’t feeling my 12-mile training run on Sunday afternoon, so I opted for a 20-minute arm strengthening circuit and then decided it wouldn’t hurt to do some cardio as well. Little did I know that this quick, 15-minute burst of cardio would leave me sore even three days later!

Bookmark this baby because when you’re short on time but still want to get yourself moving, this “Quick ‘n’ Dirty Tabata Circuit” is your answer!

What are your favorite workouts? (P.S. This may even help you work off that bacon-stuffed cheeseburger!)

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