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Fit Friday Find: 4.26.13


I know it’s been a while, but I have a Fit Friday Find that I can’t wait to share with you today!

I stumbled across this article this morning and immediately knew I needed to share it: ““

Our society is so focused on “being skinny” that we forget about being in love with our bodies and with ourselves. We’ve become obsessed with the wrong things — calories, scales, weight, pants sizes — that we’ve forgotten about the important things — love, confidence, and beauty.

Eating disorders aren’t about food.

They’re about control.

They’re about perfectionism.

They’re about filling a hole.

“Just eat” is never, ever the answer to someone who struggles with an eating disorder or, more┬áprevalent, disordered eating. (Yes, they’re different.)

You can’t “just eat” until you let go of needing control.

You can’t “just eat” until you let go of some utopian version of a perfectionism you think you can achieve.

You can’t “just eat” until you let go of the idea that you can fill a void in your life with food.

Today isn’t the day that I’m going to dig in and dive into my own relationship with food. But, it is the day I’m going to encourage you to read that article and realize that if you struggle with control, perfectionism, and filling a void — you’re not alone.

Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful — because you are.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

One thought on “Fit Friday Find: 4.26.13

  1. Thank you SO much for your thoughts on my post – I love your observations and I’m so glad you’re adding to the conversation. The more people talking about the reality of EDs, the better! You totally made my night:)

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