Why Levels?

Okay, so here’s the story behind Levels. And, I’ll be up front – all the credit for this name goes to my one and only sister! She rocks.

When Kate and I were training for our half marathon, our favorite song on our playlist was Avicii’s “.” (I’d have it playing on the background on this blog, but this isn’t MySpace…you’re welcome.) It was the perfect running song, plus there are so many different versions (my favorite is Levels in Reverse) that you can run to it all day long!

But, Levels is more than just a song – it’s a lifestyle. When it comes to food, you can always “level up” to make it healthier or “level down” to make it a bit less healthy. (Hey, sometimes everyone you cook for isn’t into flaxseed and lentils like I am!) Therefore, each recipe on this blog will include “levels.” I’ll give you options so that you can tweak each recipe to fit your tastes and the tastes of everyone else in your life.

Finally, as I’ve learned, a healthy lifestyle happens in levels. It happens slowly – if you try to make huge, big changes at once, you’ll never be successful. But, by introducing new foods and fitness routines slowly and developing new habits one level at a time, you’ll find much more sustainable, comfortable success!


One thought on “Why Levels?

  1. says:

I’ve seen Avicii perform twice…I love him. Levels is quite catchy, even though it is slightly overplayed. But ya, I’m alllllll about electro/house/dubstep music!!!!

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